Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giant Sand - Underground Train

There's a story about engineer Jim
I'd love to tell you all about him
But there are secrets to be kept
. . . Tears that have wept
There's a girl named Darlene
Who's a sister to all
Scraping blood off jeans
Where people fall
. . . Sister Darlene
And they all sing:
I'm afraid
. . . I'm not afraid anymore
I'm thinking about Juanita
And where she might spend the night
And all the men, women, and children
Fighting the good fight
Which brings us on back to Jim
He invites the government down
To the desert sun
Right in the middle where
He makes his run
Across the border
. . . Border line
- Chorus-
Come October there'll be
A chill in the air
There'll be a trial
And everyone will be there
They'll need a big o'voice
From the people outside . . . raise
Your voices loud
Let them people go
And let them make their run
Let they try to save everyone
From the death squads
From the eye-gougers
From the knock on the door
At a quarter to four (A.M.)
Some call them
Outlaws. . .
Some swear
They're saints. . .
They all are
Engineers on
An underground