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24.The Mountain Goats - Lion's Teeth / No Children (The Sunset Tree,2005 / Tallahassee,2002)

The Mountain Goats are one of the more unusual bands to find shelter under the ever-expanding umbrella term of indie rock. Hyper-prolific and militantly lo-fi, there are over a hundred Mountain Goats songs scattered across compilations and label samplers, most of them recorded (by choice) on a department-store boom box. Although many musicians have contributed to Mountain Goats releases, by far the person most identified with the outfit is singer/guitarist John Darnielle. (In fact, many Mountain Goats tracks feature only Darnielle's nasal bleat and his primitive yet frenzied acoustic guitar.) Taking the name from the Screamin' Jay Hawkins song "Big Yellow Coat," Darnielle donned the Mountain Goats moniker in 1991 while working as a nurse in a California State hospital and began releasing cassette-only albums for the Shrimper label. Despite attracting a devoted underground following (or, possibly, because of it) the Mountain Goats continued to release songs in cassette form only for many years, using tape hiss as, virtually, an additional instrument.Lyrics are also essential with the Mountain Goats. Highly literate and full of metaphor, many of Darnielle's songs fit together to form a larger narrative than they would alone."The Sunset Tree" is John Darnielle's third album for 4AD. "Lion's Teeth" are achingly beautiful.This song are heart in your throat memorable.The emotion and nuance comes through so strongly.Simplistic, sweetly melodic and some of the most jarring, beautiful lyrics ever.

Lion's Teeth

the king of the jungle
was asleep in his car.
when your chances fall in your lap like that,
you gotta recognize them for what they really are.

nobody in this house wants to own up to the truth.
I crawl in shotgun and reach into his mouth
and grab hold of one long, sharp tooth
and hold on.
for dear life, I hold on.

well of course he wakes up.
his paw hits the horn.
I am going to regret
the day that I was born.

and then mom
rushes out to the driveway
my sister too
everyone screaming,
I am dreaming of you.
I hold on.
for dear life, I hold on.

and my arms get sore.
and my palms start to sweat.
and the tears roll down my face,
till my cheeks are hot and red and soaking wet.

in come the cops
they blow torch the doors.
I start wailing.
the lion roars.
there's no good way to end this.
anyone can see
there's this great big you,
and little old me.
and we hold on.
for dear life, we hold on.
we hold on

On Tallahassee, the Mountain Goats' 4AD debut, John Darnielle strips his music of the tape hiss that surrounded his previous work like a security blanket made of static, opting for a clean sound that emphasizes the album's sometimes stinging, sometimes sublimely beautiful words and melodies — call it spite and polish. Though the lo-fi soulfulness that gave his songs an extra, homemade charm before is missed, it wouldn't have fit the ambitious tale he sets out to tell here: the album revolves around a troubled husband and wife who move to Tallahassee to run away from themselves and, ultimately, drink themselves to death. Darnielle has written about this couple before, but Tallahassee takes their relationship — and his songwriting — to a new level of vulnerability and intensity. Even among albums chronicling difficult and dying relationships, such as Blood on the Tracks, Shoot Out the Lights, and, more recently, Sea Change, Tallahassee takes a unique approach. Far from being morose or wallowing in sorrow, the album celebrates both the peaks and the valleys of a turbulent relationship; it's less like an autopsy of a love affair than an affectionate, occasionally drunken and rowdy, wake for it. Being such a conceptual album, the lyrics carry much of Tallahassee's weight. The album is literary as well as literate; songs like the aforementioned "No Children," which appropriately enough sounds like a cross between a sea shanty and a drinking song, conjure up visions of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald crashing a party hosted by Tennessee Williams.

No Children

I hope that our few remaining friends
Give up on trying to save us
I hope we come up with a failsafe plot
To piss off the dumb few that forgave us
I hope the fences we mended
Fall down beneath their own weight
And I hope we hang on past the last exit
I hope it's already too late
And I hope the junkyard a few blocks from here
Someday burns down
And I hope the rising black smoke carries me far away
And I never come back to this town
Again in my life
I hope I lie
And tell everyone you were a good wife
And I hope you die
I hope we both die

I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow
I hope it bleeds all day long
Our friends say it's darkest before the sun rises
We're pretty sure they're all wrong
I hope it stays dark forever
I hope the worst isn't over
And I hope you blink before I do
Yeah I hope I never get sober
And I hope when you think of me years down the line
You can't find one good thing to say
And I'd hope that if I found the strength to walk out
You'd stay the hell out of my way
I am drowning
There is no sign of land
You are coming down with me
Hand in unlovable hand
And I hope you die
I hope we both die

Lion's Teeth

No Children

24.Peter Case - Two Angels (The Man With the Blue Postmodern Fragmented Neotraditionalist Guitar,1989)

After his tenure in the proto- power pop band the Nerves and following the dissolution of his early-'80s Los Angeles rock & roll band the Plimsouls, Peter Case launched a career as an influential American singer/songwriter specializing in finger-picked acoustic guitar and redemptive story-songs about society's outcasts and drifters, delivered in a uniquely soulful, folk-rock style. Case's secret weapon is his powerhouse voice; combined with his imaginative and visionary songwriting and his ability to blow real harmonica licks, he's well-respected among his peers and a perennial favorite among serious listeners. By the turn of the century, longevity was working in his favor as he continued to set the bar for contemporary singer/songwriter music.
Case debuted with Peter Case in 1986. The self-titled album was a collection of what Case called "tribal folk," produced by T-Bone Burnett and including collaborations with Burnett, Case's first wife, Victoria Williams, and musicians like John Hiatt and Roger McGuinn sitting in. Case was among the handful of rockers who had honed his acoustic songs in clubs, helping to launch the so-called "unplugged" movement and later, the singer/songwriter explosion of the '90s. In 1989, he released The Man With the Blue Post-Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar, again with the assistance of choice musicians like David Hidalgo, Ry Cooder, and Benmont Tench. In a 1989 Rolling Stone interview, Bruce Springsteen cited Case as the songwriter he was listening to most at the time. This is one of my favourite-albums.Beautiful "Two Angels" is my favorite Case song.The song, the lyrics, the vocals, the production, everything makes this one of the best songs ever recorded.

24.Space - The Ballad of Tom Jones (feat. Cerys Matthews) (Single,1998)

Stealing from the campy styles of Echo & the Bunnymen and the infectious sounds of the Boo Radleys, Liverpool's Space wasn't going to become just another U.K. band to burst onto the "alternative" scene in the early '90s. Tommy Scott (vocals/bass), Jamie Murphy (guitar), and Andy Kowalski (drums) formed in 1993 and aimed for a Who-influenced sound. A deal with Gut Records saw the release on the unnoticed Me and You Versus the World in 1996, but it was the kitschy single "Female of the Species" (1997) that made Space indie rock darlings. Before the release of Tin Planet, lead vocalist Tommy Scott made reference to the album as being one of the finest pop records ever made. Preceded by the powerful single "Avenging Angels," the expectations were set high. What actually was delivered, however, is more of the same with a slight twist. Tin Planet is not very different from Spiders, apart from the fact that some of the more Bacharachian influences seem to have succumbed to disco. The album includes several standout tracks, including the duet in "The Ballad of Tom Jones" with Cerys Matthews of Catatonia.
A fun and original tongue in-cheek hit about a homicidal couple saved by the singing of Tom Jones. Cerys was the obvious choice for guest vocals and handles the tune with relish.One of the finest songs ever written especially of that post Britpop era.

The Ballad of Tom Jones

What did I do wrong
Oh, you nearly drove me cuckoo
Am I really all that bad
You're worse than Hannibal Lector, Charlie Manson, Freddie Kruger

Why are we still together
Oh, I can’t leave you till you’re dead
You mean till death do us part
I mean like cyanide, strangulation or an axe through your head

It was lucky for us I turned the radio on
They say that music soothes the savage beast
There was something in that voice that stopped us seeing red
The two of us would surely have ended up dead

You stopped us from killing each other
(Tom Jones, Tom Jones)
You’ll never know but you saved our lives
(Tom Jones, Tom Jones)
I’ve never thrown my knickers at you
And I don’t come from Wales

Still haven’t solved our problem
You mean we hate each others guts
Still wanna poison your pizza
And I still wanna cut off your nuts

I’ve phoned the marriage guidance
I tied the phone line round your neck
I’m sick of all this hatred
Oh, that’ll be the arsenic making you sick

You were about to drive me over the edge of a cliff
As I tried to jump out I knocked the stereo on
You changed your mind and then slammed on the brakes
It was lucky for us we’d brought his greatest hits

You stopped us from killing each other
(Tom Jones, Tom Jones)
You’ll never know but you saved our lives
(Tom Jones, Tom Jones)
I’ve never thrown my knickers at you
And I don’t come from Wales

And now our war is over
I’ve lost the urge to break your neck
I owe my life to What’s New Pussy Cat
Delilah stopped me hating you and wishing you dead

Oh, I used to call you Satan
And you were Cruella De Ville
But now you call me your Delilah
And now I’m not your Lucifer
I am just your pussy cat

But just a word of warning now
Just in case we ever get tired of his voice
I know the Mafia, Godzilla, King Kong
And I know an atom bomb that’s going for a song

You stopped us from killing each other
(Tom Jones, Tom Jones)
You’ll never know but you saved our lives
(Tom Jones, Tom Jones)
I’ve never thrown my knickers at you
And I don’t come from Wales


25.Body Count - The Winner Loses (Body Count ,1992)

Maybe no one saw the humor, or maybe they were distracted by the barely competent heavy metal of the album, but rapper Ice-T's heavy metal group launched a hurricane of publicity with their self-titled debut album, Body Count. Ice-T's music had been hard as heavy metal for a number of years, and on 1991's landmark OG Original Gangster, he recorded the speed metal/hip-hop fusion "Body Count" with his band of the same name. Body Count's lineup included Ernie-C (guitar), D-Roe (guitar), Mooseman (bass), and Beatmaster V (drums), all of whom attended Crenshaw High School in South Central Los Angeles. On the 1991 Lollapalooza tour, Ice-T performed with Body Count and earned a substantial amount of fans and praise. "Body Count" was a highlight of OG and, not coincidentally, it was the most serious and best song on their 1992 album.
There's the power ballad "The Winner Loses" and Ice-T is crooning "My friend's addicted to cocaine",with warning lyrics, great dumming and fantastic guitar work.Anti-drug message for all times.

The Winner Loses

My friend's addicted to cocaine
smokes day and night
drives mom and pop insane.
Living his life in the dark light
every dollar he gets goes into the pipe.

He wants to borrow some money from me
do you think I'm blind
don't know the score
can't see?

You wanna get high as the sky
(You're kissin' your life goodbye) You're kissin' your life goodbye
(You think it's a game) You think it's a game that you play
(But the winners lose) But the winners lose it all someday.

Ya don't know who you are
are you losin' your mind?
Things get a little tight he committed a crime.
Give me your money or give me your life!
You better empty your pockets because ya,
ya don't live twice.

You wanna get high as the sky
(You're kissin' your life goodbye) You're kissin' your life goodbye
(You think it's a game) You think it's a game that you play
(But the winners lose) But the winners lose it all someday.

He took the money to the dope man
and he said he had the best
next thing ya knew, cardiac arrest!
It was a rollercoaster, he couldn't get off
next thing I knew my friends' life was lost. Nooooooooo.

You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,

You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,

You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,

You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,
You think it's a game, you think it's a game,

You wanna get high as the sky
(You're kissin' your life goodbye) You're kissin' your life goodbye
(You think it's a game) You think it's a game that you play
(But the winners lose) But the winners lose it all someday.

You wanna get high as the sky
(You're kissin' your life goodbye) You're kissin' your life goodbye
(You think it's a game) You think it's a game that you play
(But the winners lose) But the winners lose it all someday.

You wanna get high as the sky
(You're kissin' your life goodbye) You're kissin' your life goodbye
(You think it's a game) You think it's a game that you play
(But the winners lose) But the winners lose it all someday.

You wanna get high as the sky.

25.Moby - New Dawn Fades (I Like to Score,1997)

Moby was one of the most controversial figures in techno music, alternately praised for bringing a face to the notoriously anonymous electronic genre, as well as being scorned by hordes of techno artists and fans for diluting and trivializing the form. In either case, Moby was one of the most important dance music figures of the early '90s, helping bring the music to a mainstream audience both in England and in America. Moby fused rapid disco beats with heavy distorted guitars, punk rhythms, and detailed productions that drew equally from pop, dance, and movie soundtracks.Considering that Moby's music is most effective in small doses, perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that the compilation I Like to Score is a strong record. However, it does come as a surprise, since Moby's music usually sounds too insular for the kind of shifting, provocative atmospherics needed for effective film music. Here, on this collection of cinematic instrumental work, Moby demonstrates that he can capture the mood and feeling of a film while retaining his musical identity.Moby’s version of Joy Division song "New Dawn Fades" is unbelievable!

New Dawn Fades

A change of speed, a change of style.
A change of scene, with no regrets,
A chance to watch, admire the distance,
Still occupied, though you forget.
Different colours, different shades,
Over each mistakes were made.
I took the blame.
Directionless so plain to see,
A loaded gun won't set you free.
So you say.

We'll share a drink and step outside,
An angry voice and one who cried,
'we'll give you everything and more,
The strain's too much, can't take much more.'
Oh, I've walked on water, run through fire,
Can't seem to feel it anymore.
It was me, waiting for me,
Hoping for something more,
Me, seeing me this time, hoping for something else.


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26. Art Bears - Freedom (The World as It Is Today,1981)

Art Bears were an English avant-garde rock group formed during the disassembly of Henry Cow in 1978 by three of its members, Chris Cutler (percussion, texts), Fred Frith (guitar, bass guitar, violin, keyboards) and Dagmar Krause (vocals). The group released three studio albums between 1978 and 1981, and toured Europe in 1979.Art Bears's music was often deeply political in content, reflecting the band's socialist leanings, and frequently experimental. Art Bears were more "song oriented" than Henry Cow, although much of the material that comprised their debut album release was actually written with the intention of being performed by the latter band.
Their music was very dark in concept and in atmosphere. BBC described it as: "Carefully wrought dissonances, angular folk tunes, sudden shifts in dynamics, dense layers of spectral drones, slabs of noise, topped off with Dagmar's strange, elastic Sprechstimme."Krause's voice contributed significantly to the mood and character of the songs. Cutler described her singing on the albums:"I don't write simple or obvious words, [...] they are not easy to sing. Dagmar had the amazing ability to make them make sense, to make them sound obvious. She sings from the inside and her accent helps to lift words out of their slots and give them a slightly resonant displacement. No one else could have done what Dagmar did on those LPs. I'm still amazed by her."
On The World As It Is Today and its predecessor, Winter Songs, the Art Bears move away from the long-form art rock of Henry Cow and get much, much more politically explicit: song titles like "The Song of the Dignity of Labour Under Capital" and "The Song of Investment Capital Overseas" almost sound like Monty Python gags today, but if any humor was intended it was clearly meant to be mordant. Frankly, the lyrics are so overwrought and portentous that it's hard to take them seriously. But the music is something else again. Cutler and Frith are natural collaborators; Cutler's drumming always rides a very fine line between the scattershot and the funky, while Frith bounces his horror-show guitar noise and carnival piano off of Cutler's grooves with manic abandon and fearsome inventiveness. And Krause's singing is just as inventive; she whoops, croons and screams her way through the density of Cutler's lyrics without a hesitation or misstep. Easy listening it isn't, but it's sure worth hearing.
"FREEDOM" is a loping beast of a track featuring lyrics by Cutler at his most biting, and a chorus of Dagmars that eventually give way to one of the best examples of rage on record. Her persistent shriek beginning midway through is a testament to both the band's commitment to its message, and Krause's physical endurance. The tune is almost a hard waltz, but the time never quite settles in, while Frith plucks away at some distant, sarcastic piano in the background. Song "Freedom" started like the dissonant and mutated piano waltz, which climaxes with Frith's angular King Crimson esque guitar feedback and Krause's utterly insane howling shrieks at times overpowering even the guitar feedback itself. Absolutely stunning. One of the the most sophisticated, beautiful and haunting songs to ever arise from the art of recorded sounds. Step back or be drenched in bile.

26.Cassiber - I Was Old / I Tried to Reach You (Live in Tokyo, 1992)

Cassiber were a strange and messy Rock In Opposition-inflected German avant-garde rock group founded in 1982 by German composer and saxophonist Alfred Harth, German composer, music-theatre director and keyboardist Heiner Göbbels, English drummer Chris Cutler from Henry Cow and German guitarist Christoph Anders. They recorded five albums, toured extensively across Europe, Asia and North America, and disbanded in 1992.

Cassiber's music was a blend of speed-punk, free jazz and sampling which incorporated found sounds and news broadcasts. They were best known for the "frantic intensity" of their live performances. A Time Out critic wrote, "Cassiber play as if they only have a minute left to live." They were also noted for their style of playing, which was to "improvise 'completed pieces'". According to Chris Cutler, Cassiber took their name from a Slavonic slang word for a note or message smuggled out of prison. "Like 'The Beatles', we spelled it differently and it wasn't intended to 'mean' anything."For the two-CD set Live in Tokyo, Chris Cutler's record label ReR Megacorp put together an interesting farewell concept. Disc one presents a concert by Cassiber recorded in Tokyo on October 23, 1992. It was the trio's first and only visit to the Land of the Rising Sun and turned out to be one of its last performances; after a couple more shows, two months later, the group put an end to its 10-year existence. For this evening, Christoph Anders (vocals, sampler), Heiner Goebbels (keyboards, sampler) and Cutler (drums) had invited saxophonist Shinoda Masami to join them — he died a few weeks later. On disc two, Otomo Yoshihide sampled, treated, added, remixed, and recomposed the tapes of the show with the help of his usual Ground-Zero colleagues, plus members of Hoahio. He decided to release the project under the name Ground-Zero, thus making it the final completed album (chronologically) from this seminal avant-garde group. As necrological as it may sound, Live in Tokyo is very alive. The Cassiber performance captures the group in peak form. Here is two fantastic songs, weird and full of emotions.

Cassiber - I Was Old

Cassiber - I Tried to Reach You

27.Love Like Blood - Epitaph (Odyssee,1994)

Germany's most famoust and sophisticated Gothic Rock band .1994's album Odyssee finds Love Like Blood at the apex of its skill. The band's immaculately executed goth rock is produced with expert attention to detail, resulting in a richly orchestrated gothic masterwork. Guitarist Mark Wheeler, who seems to be leading the band, adorns each song with loads of texture, from muscular hard rock power chording to pristine, echo-drenched nylon string segments. Growling singer Yorck Eysel is at his dramatic best, sounding beautiful and threatening at the same time. From the haunting opener "Feedback" to the hurtling "Fallacious World," each song is memorable. Along with An Irony of Fate, Odyssee is absolutely essential goth, and represents the very best of Love Like Blood.
King Crimson`s cover Epitaph adds fantastic new layers of texture and orchestration to the band's sound with the growling vocals of singer Yorck Eysel, whose style borrows equally from twin goth icons Peter Murphy and Andrew Eldritch recall the creepy, skeletal style of early Sisters of Mercy.This song is pure, soaring, gothic elegance with the capacity to be hard-rocking, romantic, and chilling...

Love Like Blood - Epitaph

The wall on which the prophets wrote
Is cracking at the seams.
Upon the instruments of death
The sunlight brightly gleams.
When every man is torn apart
With nightmares and with dreams,
Will no one lay the laurel wreath
As silence drowns the screams.

Between the iron gates of fate,
The seeds of time were sown,
And watered by the deeds of those
Who know and who are known;
Knowledge is a deadly friend
When no one sets the rules.
The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools.

Confusion will be my epitaph.
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it we can all sit back
And laugh.
But I fear tomorrow Ill be crying,
Yes I fear tomorrow Ill be crying.

Peter Sinfield

27.Blood Axis - The Hangman And The Papist (Blót: Sacrifice In Sweden,1998)

Emerging officially in 1989, Blood Axis is the result of much earlier foundations. Created and directed by Michael Moynihan, it has been and remains a sincere and uncompromising expression of his often controversial thoughts and instincts.
The first recordings by Blood Axis consisted of "Lord Of Ages" and "Electricity," two songs appearing on a German sampler CD. Thoroughly unique in their sound, the first of these tracks is a stirring orchestrated hymn to the ancient Persian sun deity Mithras, a god later adopted for a cult of subterranean worship by the legionnaires of the imperial Roman army. Although appearing on a relatively obscure release, these two initial efforts resulted in extensive radio airplay, dance club rotation, as well as mail from hundreds of enthusiastic listeners living as far away as Scandinavia, Malta, Eastern Europe and Thailand. Blood Axis had made its mark.
The band again inspired a rapturous response with the contribution of a pair of further songs to the acclaimed collection Im Blutfeuer,demonstrating more highly involved recording techniques and the ability to hypnotize listeners with subtle yet forceful atmospherics. "The Storm Before the Calm," the second of the two tracks on this CD, utilized winding piano loops, lilting choirs and the eerie sounds of early nature recordings (a thunderstorm from 1935) along with earnest vocals and historical samples to create a sound that is more than the sum of it parts, possessing an ineffable power.
In the last days of 1995, more than six years since its formation, Blood Axis unveiled the first full-length CD, The Gospel of Inhumanity. This long-awaited album has more than fulfilled all expectations, demonstrating that Blood Axis is proudly distinct from any other modern musical groups in both sound and presentation. Sealed within a stunningly aesthetic digipak, The Gospel... is a shape-shifting soundtrack which reveals more and more depth with repeated listening. Spanning from neo-classical reveries to guitardriven aggression, the sonic incisions of Blood Axis provide a haunting backdrop for vocal elucidations from Ezra Pound, Charles Manson, as well as Moynihan's own demanding voice. The Gospel of Inhumanity falls into no easy category, requiring a highly attuned level of intelligence and a mind free of pre-conception to appreciate its vast scope.
The Gospel of Inhumanity sold out two pressings for its initial release on German cult label Cthulhu Records, ensuring a fanatical following from Russia to Ireland, Norway to Portugal and everywhere in between. With virtually no promotion to speak of, the CD received rave reviews in Europe and America, and was even voted one of the 10 best albums of 1996 by UK extreme music glossy Terrorizer. Now powerfully remastered and re-issued on Misanthropy, the Gospel is destined to be heard by an even wider audience.
In November of 1997, Blood Axis played its first proper live show in Sweden at a special 10 year anniversary celebration for the legendary death industrial music label Cold Meat Industry. This special concert was attended by fans who came from as far away as Germany, Belgium, Austria and Latvia, and drew a rabidly enthusiastic reception from the crowd. In 1998, following the release of the planned second album, Ultimacy, the band will embark on a European tour. But until then, The Gospel of Inhumanity will continue seeping its way into the subconscious of the worldwide underground.
Blood Axis answers to nothing and no one but itself. It offers a frightening and honest expression of the souls of its creators, refusing to cater to either popular opinion or the approval of the music industry. At the same time Blood Axis continues to proudly shun popular trends and the mainstream, legions of listeners respond in growing numbers to a music presented with such undiluted care and willpower.
Album "Blót: Sacrifice In Sweden"(Fantastic recording quality for a live performance) is absolute MASTERPIECE of dark ambient / industrial. Magical atmosphere of this album wraps the mind with a green fog, psychedelic visions and depths of melancholy.A mix of Bach, Prokofiev, Pink Floyd, Coil, Laibach, Nietzche and Charles Manson!

The Hangman And The Papist

The village square stands quiet
The curfew still enforced
The streets are even clear of dogs and whores
Like some evil bird-of-prey
The scaffold spreads its wings
The people build their fires and bolt their doors

The mayor is giving dinner to the officers’ wives
His eldest son is learning how to fawn
The barrick block is hushed and tense
The soldiers drawing lots
Who will be the hangman in the dawn?

The lot falls on a young man
Who has served for but a year
His home is in the village close nearby
He shivers at the thought of what
He’s forced to do next day
He wonders who it is who has to die?

And the full moon casts a cold light
On the gloomy prison walls
The papist walks his cell
He cannot sleep
He hears the waiting gallows creaking
Just beyond that door
He prays for he has no more tears to weep

The day begins to break
A muffled drums begins to sound
A crowd begins to gather in the square
The presence of the hangman
In his terrifying mask
Weighs heavy on the minds of all those there
The colonel reads the sentence
Which the papist knows by heart:
He has failed to show alliegence to the king
His crime is thus with God himself
And in his name he must hang
The papist, head held high
Says not a thing

The jailer binds his hands
And puts his blindfold to his eyes
He leads him through the door before the crowd
The hangman sees his victim
And the blood drains from his face:
He sees his younger brother standing proud
The hangman tries to protest
But is ordered to proceed
His trembling hands begin to take the strain
His eyes are blind with streaming tears
And he cries for all to hear:

Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!
Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!
Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!
Oh please forgive me God we hang him in thy name!
Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!

27.The Eternal Afflict - San Diego -The Tragical (Atrocy (me) ty,1991)

In 1990 The Eternal Afflict, Apocalyptic electro goth band began their comet like rise with Birth ... a place somewhere else and Sexual Decay. After the first studio takes in the legendary SSE Studios in 1991 with Winus Rilinger they produced their follow ups Visions, Door to my Pain, Daughters of Guyon and finally the first version of San Diego for their debut album Atroci(-me)ty. Ever since TEA were a fundamental part of the German alternative clubscene.
They went on their first headliner tour in 1992 with the EP Luminographic Agony and the hit songs Agony.
Overwhelmed by their enormous success they recorded their next album Trauma Rouge in 1993 and performed the probably most legendary electro tour of the early 90‘s. The Trauma over Europe – Tour broke all sales records for alternative bands as yet and rocketed them to the top of the European electro scene.
In 1994 their success was even topped with their follow up album War. Including songs like Childhood and the ballad Jonathan they conquered the alternative charts worldwide.
Reaching the climax of their carreer the members of The Eternal Afflict decided to dedicate themselves to solo-projects – bands like INSIDE, CYAN KILLS E. COLI and CYAN evolved, mingeling between accustomed and new electronic styles.

The Eternal Afflict - San Diego

Watchin' the wheel as it
Turned down the hill, like you
Turned me down into my
Self-destiny, every kiss means
Pain, pain and secrets to me
Is it permanance that love
Shattered pride?

San diego was a mistake
The sun burns into my face
At six o'clock I awake
Step into this endless race

A man stands there lovely on
The fiels and a rabbit trapped
In the lime light like I walked
Straight into your zombie machine
The rain refreshed the air, like
My old tears reborn on my cheek
Is it permanance that love
Shattered pride?

My hands could touch the sky
A fence, a wall I couldn't walk
Through the door to your
Killing touch, it could be all
Catch in green grass + isolation

San diego nights - remember

28.Idiogen - Song (Drive You Mad,1987)

Andrea F. was born on a 16th November just before the dawning of the 70's in Capodistria (Koper), Slovenia, back then still part of the unfortunate & unsustainable experiment that was former Yugoslavia (btw, in London, England, the Jimi Hendrix Experience was announcing their break up...connections among the two events are currently still being investigated by scientists and music scholars, including Andrea F himself, always eager to irrationally plunge into anything even remotely connected to Hendrix and his beautiful music).
Childhood & schooling years in Ghana, Africa, from where he and his family extensively toured the African continent, later returning to Europe and dividing his concept of "home" between Italy and Slovenia.

Music hit him on the head around the age of nine, first causing him to often rob the piggy bank in favour of Pink Floyd and several others, then inducing him to trick his unwary parents into buying him a guitar. An electric one, mind you.

But it was a German haphazard compilation LP named "The Best Of Jimi Hendrix" that did the trick once and for all. Although extremely poorly recorded & compiled (to the point that due to some weird disc cutting malpractice the guitar intro to "Purple Haze" was accidentaly repeated three times before the actual song started - obviously causing him to learn it and play it that way!), this record twisted Andrea F's life into the direction that has now brought him here on this page with you.

Did he take guitar classes? Yes, but not classical guitar, in a regular music school: the oh-so-open-minded local music schools decreed he was “too old” to start at the age of 10 (wtf?????) so it was a year of weird private tuition to get to grips with the electric guitar.

In 1982 he started his own band, IDIOGEN, rehearsed like maniacs, gigged, recorded two now collector's items vinyl albums and one mini LP (“Idiogen”, “Burning”, and “Drive You Mad”), released and distributed not only all over former Yugoslavia but also in Italy, the UK and the US, collaborating with cult labels such as Slovenija Records (Yugoslavia’s FIRST true indie label, masterminded by eccentric mogul and patron Boris Furlan “Primitivc”), Rough Trade Records of London, Toast Records of Torino, Supporti Fonografici of Milan.
Second Idiogen album "Drive you mad" was recorded and mixed at Slovenia Studio, Koper in November 1986, April & July 1987. Songs "Can you see" & "Fall" were recorded live in studio onto a two-track stereo master, without additionals overdubs or remixing. Album was produced by Drago Hrvatin. Band memebers were: Drago Hrvatin (bass), Andrea Flego (vocal, guitars) and Max Felix (drums)."Song" is an eerie love song that is creepy, bordering on uncomfortable with beautifully bombastic parts.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

28.Jandek - I Give You Me (Shadow of Leaves,2004)

Everybody knows one thing about Jandek, that nobody knows anything about Jandek.

How to describe the music of Jandek? Like most amateur rock critics, start by comparing him to the Beatles. Then strip away melody, catchy hooks, rhythm, and harmony. Next toss out vocal and instrumental ability, along with any trace of human feeling other than dull, lingering pain. Aside from these deficiencies, he's exactly like the Fab Four.

Jandek, alone with a guitar and a microphone, sounds like a muttering sleepwalker aimlessly plucking amplified bicycle spokes. His music is dark and gloomy; but it won't make you sad-it will make you tense and uncomfortable. Here is the Ultimate Disconnect. You love it or hate it-and for every one of the former, there are one million of the latter. A sampling of his song titles: "Painted My Teeth," "Twelve Minutes Since February 32'nd" [sic], and "Janitor's Dead." Jandek accompanies himself on acoustic or electric guitar, but for the incoherence of his zombie-like strumming, his hands might as well be accidentally brushing against the strings. His occasional wheezing harmonica approximates early Dylan having an asthma attack. Sometimes Jandek is backed by a drummer who seems unfamiliar with the kit, and who pounds away relentlessly with no ground beat.
If the above seems too flattering a portrait of Jandek's cave-dweller primitivism, imagine a subterranean microphone wired down to a month-old tomb, capturing the sound of maggots nibbling on a decaying corpse and the agonized howls of a departed soul desperate to escape tortuous decomposition and eternal boredom. That's Burt Bacharach compared to Jandek.

Jandek is a recluse named Sterling R. Smith, and he's holed up somewhere near Houston, Texas. Since 1978 Smith has issued, mostly on 12" vinyl, 28 full-length albums-no 7" or 12" singles, no remixes, cassettes, or videos. A few of his cryptic album titles: Staring at the Cellophane, Telegraph Melts, Blue Corpse, Chair Beside a Window. He didn't begin issuing CDs until the early 1990s. His album covers are devoid of any information. He has never issued a press kit, and never performed in public. He rejects all requests for interviews. They found the Unabomber, but so far, no Jandek. Seth Tisue, curator of a Jandek website, notes, "His consistency in this regard far surpasses that of other legendary reclusives such as Thomas Pynchon and J.D. Salinger." Jandek's records rarely turn up in stores-even second-hand shops.

This article was adapted from 'Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music', to be published by A Cappella Books in Spring 2000.

I Give You Me

I don’t want to go to Las Vegas
I like better Carson City
I’m like a dog for you
I just wanna be with you
I got my casino all wrapped around me
I just acknowledged the presence
Of you eternally
I give you me
What more could you want here
I am and I will be here
When you need a friend
Or you’re ready to take my direction
I’m leading you here
Please take my bait
I want to eat you up and drink you down
I want you in me as I course through your body
I took your mind as I roamed about through you
I’m still here
It weren’t for a moment
You’ll never get away
You won’t want to
You’re mine
You don’t have a life
You live in me, I am you
I’m saved by that rainbow
Colors, grand scheme of things

28.Freddy K. and the Breeze - An Appeal to Heaven/Different Shade Of Love (Random Enforcement,1988)

Freddy K. is a musician who has a unique perspective on different aspects of life, death and the eternal conflicts of spirit and man.He boldly touches on love, crime, drugs, prison, alcohol, homelessness, spiritual and physical warfare from a unique angle and first-hand experience.He hopes to promote a thoughtful, caring process to transpire within his listeners towards the true inner peace we all desire and need.For the past twelve years, Freddy K has been involved in the Christian Action Fellowship prison program witnessing to inmates through song and shared experience.Though all of the songs on album "Random Enforcement" were recorded prior to his sojourn in P-town the story the album tells aptly illustrates the portable quality of Freddy's universe. Arriving upon his shoulders, surveying the scene, and like all the great Rock-n-Roll albums of our time seamlessly transmuting itself into a more personal metaphor for the listener.There's an unmistakable sincerity in his lyrics, a lack of pretention that enables the music to walk the line between the insanity of a lonely individual and that of a world gone mad. Freddy channels the energy of a lost generation and with self-deprecating flippancy exorcises the demons which have left him and many like him feeling "ineligible for life". (The cover art is a double exposure of perpendicular images of a mace wielding Freddy juxtaposed with Linda Blair.This recording has the unusual quality of honesty of intent, and can be taken at face value or delved into deeply. But the overwhelming sense of Freddy's emotional state is neither sensational, nor affected. The title track muses with anti-establiushment overtones: "They've got a random Enforcement, Thank God they don't take us all away.I really don't think they've got a big enough cage." He alternately swings with ease between the realms of a Jimmy Buffet Party Animal (Sittin On The Corner, Old Hippies) to a tragic Syd Barret-esque Paranoic (Public Enemy #2)
-In" Appeal To Heaven", Freddy addresses the spirits he truly believed he was visited by while he slept who begged him to take his own life that he might represent them before God.He eases us down with the pulsatingand and remarkably touching sensitivity " Different Shade of Love"

FREDDY K. and the Breeze - An Appeal to Heaven
FREDDY K. And The Breeze - Different Shade Of Love

29.Gang of Four - Damaged Goods (Entertainment! ,1979)

Along with London Calling and Unknown Pleasures Gang of Four's startling debut, ironical titled Entertainment!, is one of the very best British albums of the late seventies.With this 79 release, they bring their unique brand of politics to the plate, delivered by a very sterile, alienating sound.The sound of the album is "funk punk" with guitar anti-solos that sound like they've been through a wood chipper before they made their way onto record, funky basslines, and a whole load of British defiance and sarcasm.There's plenty of bass lines that never fall short of amazing. Every track is infectiously funky, and several of them will drill inside your brain and not leave for weeks. "Damaged Goods" is the standout for me, due to its addictive groove alone. "Damaged Goods" is a despairing tale of love commercialised and this is one of the most thrilling pieces of music ever created with its relentless pulse and melodic spurts.

Damaged Goods

The change will do you good
I always knew it would
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour

Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
The sins of the flesh
Are simply sins of lust
Sweat's running down your back
Sweat's running down your neck
Heated couplings in the sun
(Or is that untrue?)
Colder couplings in the night
(Never saw your body)
Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
The change will do you good
I always knew it would
You know the change will do you good
You know the change will do you good

Damaged goods
Send them back
I can't work
I can't achieve
Send me back
Open the till
Give me the change
You said would do me good
Refund the cost
You said you're cheap but you're too much
Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
The change will do you good
I always knew it would
You know the change will do you good
You know the change will do you good

I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)

29.The Jam - That's Entertainment (Sound Affects,1980)

This is The Jam at their best.Sound Affects is The Jam's fifth studio album, released at a time (1980) when they were just about the biggest thing musically in the UK. From their early pop-rock musings through their 'evolution' as artists, they thieved from musicians better than they almost relentlessly.Sound Affects is the album pumping through your head, It's the album of a culture and scene that exists just as well outside of those parameters as it does within them. The different style of songs on this record make it sound incohesive, but it still works because most of songs are strong.The dry humour of “That’s Entertainment” blended selected urban imagery with an insistent acoustic strum to create one of the Jam’s signature tunes.This is a true classic, inverted escapism and a direct look in the eye!
That's Entertainment....One of the greatest songs of all time!


A police car and a screaming siren -
A pnuematic drill and ripped up concrete -
A baby waiting and stray dog howling -
The screech of brakes and lamplights blinking -
that's entertainment.

A smash of glass and the rumble of boots -
An electric train and a ripped up 'phone booth -
Paint splattered walls and the cry of a tomcat -
Lights going out and a kick in the balls -

that's entertainment.

Days of speed and slow time Mondays -
Pissing down with rain on a boring Wednesday -
Watching the news and not eating your tea -
A freezing cold flat and damp on the walls -

that's entertainment.

Waking up at 6 a.m. on a cool warm morning -
Opening the windows and breathing in petrol -
An amateur band rehearsing in a nearby yard -
Watching the tele and thinking about your holidays -

that's entertainment.
Waking up from bad dreams and smoking cigarettes -
Cuddling a warm girl and smelling stale perfume -
A hot summers' day and sticky black tarmac -
Feeding ducks in the park and wishing you were faraway -

that's entertainment.

Two lovers kissing amongst the scream of midnight -
Two lovers missing the tranquility of solitude -
Getting a cab and travelling on buses -
Reading the grafitti about slashed seat affairs -

that's entertainment.

30.An Emotional Fish - Celebrate (An Emotional Fish,1990)

Irish band who first recorded for U2's Mother label.The first album is the one that contains "Lace Virginia",a remarkable song available in many formats and alternate versions.A great debut album from a band that never again reached such heights. Perhaps a testament to its quality is how incredibly hard to find An Emotional Fish is, meaning fans are unwilling to part with it.


She insists that she's a lunatic, closer to the bone
She hardly ever visits upstairs, ride the telephone
Well I guess beauty does what beauty does best
It's beautiful

See that's the trouble with reality, it's taken far too seriously
I do hope God is good to me and Santa Claus to the children

This party's over
I'm going home
This party's over
I'm going home

His essential complications are hung up and confused
It's a planet full of traffic lights and traffic light abusers
But that's no stranger than strange
Or any other stranger

He claims it's dangerous to be innocent 'cause you're the victim every time
Histories of insanity intruding on the sane

This party's over
I'm going home
This party's over
I'm going home

Histories of insanity intruding on the sane
Even if your problem is the problem do we have to play those games?
But all this is enough
For anyone to shoulder

See that's the trouble with reality, it's taken far too seriously
I do hope God is good to me and Santa Claus to the children

This party's over
I'm going home
This party's over
I'm going home
This party's over
I'm going home
This party's over
I'm going home

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31.R.E.M. - The One I Love (Live At McCabe`s Guitar Shop,1987)

Simply a classic fave of all late '80s indie discos. And why not, as Barry Norman would say were he to enter my body and take control of mind and eye lids.A stellar ironical twisted love song from an amazing place in Michael Stipe's psyche, and great Byrdslike guitars jangle ... and some people still think it's a love song...
This is a live version from a great soundboard show recorded May 24, 1987, at McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, featuring R.E.M., Steve Wynn, Natalie Merchant & Opal.

The One I Love

This one goes out to the one I love
This one goes out to the one I've left behind
A simple prop to occupy my time
This one goes out to the one I love

Fire (she's comin' down on her own, now)

This one goes out to the one I love
This one goes out to the one I've left behind
Another prop has occupied my time
This one goes out to the one I love

Fire, fire, fire, fire...

32.Nosferatu - Crysania (The Hellhound EP,1991)

The British band Nosferatu formed in the late '80s by guitarist Damien DeVille, the group debuted on vinyl in 1990 on a compilation with a track called "Bloodlust." In 1991, they recorded an EP titled The Hellhound featuring vocalist Louis De Wray and bassist Vlad Janicek. At the end of 1992, Cleopatra sent the Sex Gang Children's Dave Roberts to try and sway the band to release a compilation of their singles on the label. Instead, they agreed to release Nosferatu's new album, 1993's full-length debut Rise, after which Niall Murphy replaced De Wray in time for their Halloween shows. 1994 saw the release of Legend, a collection of early recordings.On "The Hellhound" EP, the songwriting is perfect, and the vocals are hauntingly beautiful, best witnessed in the most emotional track "Crysania".


In the cruel wind
In what happened in here
In the darkness
She thought she knew the world
In my cell on my floor It broke her apart And we pushed it
inside Till she fell
In the sound of submission Of little decisions And some futile
search For solution

And I still see tomorrow
And I still understand
Why I chose to believe
But you're so far away

Crysania believe in me

Don't you see how it works
The men kill their children So they never grow old
And I still have the strength To reach out for you But you're
wrong again.
And I still have the strength To reach out for you But you're
wrong again

Crysania believe in me

And I still believe to my heart
In your love of the dark your life
And your need for my blood
We can never return to the child in your picture
But still it's believing In something of yours

Crysania believe in me

I see stars I see angels I see living on earth And falling

Crysania believe in me

32.Xmal Deutschland - Drowned You (Devils,1989)

Sounding like howling witches burning at the stake, the ghoulish shrieks of Xmal Deutschland's 1982 debut single "Incubus Succubus" immediately won the approval of goth rock connoisseurs. The German band wasn't able to maintain its black-clad sound, selling out to pop before the inevitable breakup, but Xmal Deutschland competed with Siouxsie & the Banshees for goth royalty. Xmals songs typically stride along with beautiful bass driven melodies and slices of icy guitar, only to suddenly change direction for a chorus or ending half of a song, becoming the most chilling, surreal, and powerful music I've ever heard. The unique guitar textures, the evil vocals and the hypnotic bass on song ''Drowned You'', all intertwine to make best goth-blues ever !

Drowned You

Silent the rain falls
Kissing my skin
I count my fingers
While watching the waves
I walk down the river
Facing the water
That swallowed my dream
Oh, here I am

Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river memories are gone
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river memories are gone

I threw away things you gave me
Into the river
Sink fast like stone
Oh, join the reign

Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river memories are gone
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river memories are gone
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river memories are gone
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river
Drowned you in the river memories are gone

33.Judas Priest - Diamonds and Rust (Unleashed in the East - Live in Japan,1979)

This is Judas Priest, the good old rock 'n' roll band from early 70's that dressed in suites and bell bottom pants, like youve never yet seen them or heard them before. This was Judas Priest's milestone.Easily the most influential and essential live metal album ever, this masterpiece was recorded on February 10th & February 15th , 1979 in front of a energetic Japanese audience. Judas Priest's Unleashed in the East is beyond classic, it goes right up there with the rest of the list marked "Greatest Live Albums" along with KISS' ALIVE! and Deep Purple's Made in Japan. The flash point from this set is the molten trio of "The Green Manalishi", "Diamonds & Rust" and "Victim Of Changes".Diamonds and Rust,Joan Baez cover (DESTROYS all other recordings of it) a great song of longin' and losin'out on love have the honest emotions more than ever before from great vocalist Rob Halford.

Diamonds and Rust

Well I'll be damned
Here comes your ghost again
But that's not unusual
It's just that the moon is full
And you happened to call
And here I sit
Hand on the telephone
Hearing a voice I'd known
A couple of light years ago
Heading straight for a fall

As I remember your eyes
Were bluer than robin's eggs
My poetry was lousy you said
Where are you calling from?
A booth in the midwest
Ten years ago
I bought you some cufflinks
You brought me something
We both know what memories can bring
They bring diamonds and rust

Well you burst on the scene
Already a legend
The unwashed phenomenon
The original vagabond
You strayed into my arms
And there you stayed
Temporarily lost at sea
The Madonna was yours for free
Yes the girl on the half-shell
Would keep you unharmed

Now I see you standing
With brown leaves falling around
And snow in your hair
Now you're smiling out the window
Of that crummy hotel
Over Washington Square
Our breath comes out white clouds
Mingles and hangs in the air
Speaking strictly for me
We both could have died then and there

Now you're telling me
You're not nostalgic
Then give me another word for it
You who are so good with words
And at keeping things vague
Because I need some of that vagueness now
It's all come back too clearly
Yes I loved you dearly
And if you're offering me diamonds and rust
I've already paid

Joan Baez

33.Scorpions - In Trance (In Trance,1975)

Known best for their 1984 anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and the 1990 ballad "Wind of Change," the German rockers the Scorpions have sold over 22-million records, making them one of the most successful rock bands to ever come out of Continental Europe. The Scorpions' third release, In Trance, continues to display their high-energy music, which is impossible to ignore. With the eyebrow-lifting "Dark Lady" as the opening track, the album immediately captures the listener's attention and keeps it all the way until the end. The interesting title track is clearly the best song of the album with excellent singing and powerful emotions.

In Trance

I wake up in the morning
And the sun begins to shine
The day did sneak up on the night
I see your face and I see myself
And I get a little taste of life
I try to stand it for a while

But Im in a trance
Hey baby tell me cant you hear me calling
Im in a trance
I take too much in the saturday night
Hey... hey
Hey baby tell me cant you hear me calling
Im in a trance
I wanna try to stop this life

I feel so sad Im feeling down
On the radio the music plays
Im in love with her and I feel fine
I close my eyes
I think today is getting better with a sip of wine
And I can stand it for a while

When Im in a trance
Hey baby tell me cant you hear me calling
Im in a trance
I take too much in the saturday night
Hey... hey
Hey baby tell me cant you hear me calling
Im in a trance
I wanna try to stop this life

Im in a trance
Hey baby tell me cant you hear me caling
Im in a trance
I take too much in the saturday night
Hey baby tell me cant you hear me calling
Im in a trance
I wanna try to stop this life

34.Fallen Angels - Signed D. C.(Psychedelic Moods - Part Two,1987)

It’s true that that of the few people I know have heard this , the word ‘brilliant‘ is their comment .Operating out of Washington D.C. this band was formed in 1965 when Wally Cook and Ned Davis of the Young Rabbits teamed up with Jack Bryant and Charlie Jones. Their first album has a nice paisley cover and consists of competent rock with some pleasant psychedelic interludes. The second album carried on from where the first had ended. In 1998, The Fallen Angels returned with a new CD Rain Of Fire. Every Time I Fall In Love and Everything Would Be Fine are updated and accompanied by eleven new tunes (all bar one by Jack Bryant). Purists who expect a time-warp back to their garage and psych sounds of 1967/8 will be disappointed; but for those without such unrealistic preconceptions, this is accomplished and mature rock with blues, folk and country influences (just the odd spot of rust in the vocals department).Compilation coverage has included: Have You Ever Lost A Love? on Mindrocker, Vol. 10 (Dble LP) whilst their decent cover of Arthur Lee's Signed D.C. resurfaced on Psychedelic Moods - Part Two (LP & CD).This song being full of melodic guitar work, climbing keyboards and sensitive vocals.

Signed D. C

Sometimes I feel so lonely
My comedown I'm scared to face
I've pierced my skin again, Lord
No one cares
For me

My soul belongs to the dealer
He keeps my mind as well
I play the part of the leecher
No one cares
For me, cares for me

Look out Joe, I'm fallin'
I can't unfold my arms
I've got one foot in the graveyard
No one cares
For me, cares for me

35.Ellis - El Doomo (Riding on the Crest of a Slump,1972)

Steve Ellis was / is one of the UK's great vocalists. In the 60s, he scored several top ten hits with the Love Affair, and his soulful voice saw positive comparisons to those other great Brit vocal 'Steves' of the time - messrs Marriott and Winwood. Ellis were a combo that he put together with Zoot Money in the early 70s. Their first album - 'Riding On The Crest Of A Slump' -was produced by none other than The Who's Roger Daltrey, and it is a cracker. It features the brilliantly moody rock ballad 'El Doomo' - played a lot on Radio 1 at the time, and should've been a hit.This is one of my favourite tracks of all time, when I checked out " Riding on the Crest of a Slump" this track it blew me away! the sound of the twelve string guitar is fantastic, with roger chapman on backing vocals who could ask for more!

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36.Far East Family Band - Nipponjin (Nipponjin/ Join Our Mental Phase Sound,1975)

Regarded by many as the first Japanese progressive rock group, the Far East Family Band featured the keyboardist and future new age composer, Kitaro. A keyboard-dominated space rock band, the Far East Family Band played extended compositions that brought comparisons to Tangerine Dream and early Pink Floyd. The group's first album was released under the band name of Far Out. After changing their name, the band released The Cave Down to Earth in 1975. Their first European release, Nipponjin — Join Our Mental Phase Sound (1975), featured re-recorded versions of material from the previous record and the album attributed to Far Out.Klaus Schulze did produce the album, but did not play on it, and the album was recorded in Japan. The album starts off with the title track " Nipponjin", which sounds exactly like the original, but with added on synthesizers and Mellotron (and if you ever heard the Far Out original, you'll noticed how effective that song is without the synths and Mellotron). The music starts of with spacy electronic effects, synthesizers, and electric sitar. Mellotron is used as well, then the music kicks in to a wonderful ballad, with drug oriented lyrics. After a few minutes, the ballad is over, and kicks in to a wonderful guitar jam. After a couple minutes, the music slows down once again, with the electric sitar once again. Then the song ends with chanting in "Om", with some chanting in Japanese as well.Phantastic song for journeys through the mind-try and fly!!!

37.T.V.Smith - The Lion & The Lamb (March of the Giants,1992)

With TV Smith's Explorers having imploded in late 1981 and the success of the Adverts receding further into the past, TV Smith launched his solo career in early 1982.Predominantly acoustic but full—blooded regardless, March of the Giants not only—retains the raw shock of Smith's. past, it enlarges and colorizes it. Before, the graphic violence of his music numbed the shock of Smith's lyrics. This time he's operating without anesthetic. You can only thank God that his knife isn't blunt. Rock 'n' roll with the lens cap off.
This is a live version recorded for WFMU radio session.

The Lion & The Lamb

I see you sparkle in the mud
Like a little diamond in the rough
Ready for the cut, ready for the cut
And you could either way
Potentially twoBoth sides battling for a place

Stand and say
I am the lion and the lamb
I am part of the plan
I am the lion and the lamb

And your glamour fades so quick
Soars up like a rocket
Down like a stick, down like a stick
Well, be strong when they want it
Be weak when they want it
If you Want to fit

Stand and say
I am the lion and the lamb
I am part of the plan
I am the lion and the lamb

Now you sparkle in the mud
Diamond in the rough
Ready for the cut
Some stay dull
Some stay blunt
But you will shine

And say
I am the lion and the lamb
I am part of the plan
I am the lion and the lamb.

38.Uriah Heep - Come Away Melinda (...Very 'eavy...Very 'umble,1970)

Uriah Heep's debut is a fine piece of early heavy metal history. Head-banging, organ-driving monster "Gypsy" is one of the more well-known songs, but "Walking in Your Shadow", "I'll Keep on Trying", "Real Turned On", "Dreammare" and "Bird of Prey" rock hard and heavy as well with theatrical and proggy touches. While I admit to finding Uriah Heep to be a bit overrated for the most part, they do certainly have their moments and their debut is a collection of some of the finest."Very ‘Eavy ... Very ‘Umble” consists one of my favorite song “Come away Melinda”. Some people can say that this song doesn’t fit the whole album (and this band in general) but I really like this soft, melodic and dreamy ballad. Acoustic guitar and mellotron waves are beautiful here. And delicate Byron’s vocals, too. Pure melancholy.

Come Away Melinda

Daddy, daddy, come and look
See what I have found
A little ways away from here
While digging in the ground

Come away melinda
Come in and close the door
Its nothing, just a picture-book
They had before the war

Daddy, daddy, come and see
Daddy, come and look
Why, there's four or five
Little melinda girls
Inside my picture book

Come away melinda
Come in and close the door
There were lots of little girls like you
Before they had the war

Oh daddy, daddy, come and see
Daddy, hurry do
Why, there's someone
In a pretty dress
Shes all grown up like you
Wont you tell me why

Come away melinda
Come in and close the door
That someone is your mummy
You had before the war

Daddy, daddy, tell me if you can
Why can't things be
The way they were
Before the war began

Come away melinda
Come in and close the door
The answer lies in yesterday
Before they had the war

38.UFO - Melinda (UFO 1,1971)

A not too impressive debut, of what later in time would become, one of the best UK rock bands. But this album does not contain hard rock, but a lot of covers, and the rest are self written songs of a band struggling to find it´s musical direction. On the other hand, an interesting album, because it contains the first musical attempts of this (would be) great band.The first album has a few good tunes such as ''Melinda".

39.Aranos - In My Flower Oils (Live from Brainwashed podcast)

Aranos (pronounced aranyosh) was born in Bohemia (now a part of Czech Republic). He has performed as a singer and instrumentalist since the age of 8 in folk ensembles, jazz bands, rock groups, gypsy bands, ceilidh bands and as a solo artist. Written and composed in various styles from classical music to rock.

He has performed and composed in dissident theatres in former Czechoslovakia. Aranos sings and plays violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, mandolin, piano, keyboards, banjo, Chinese and Japanese flutes, santoor, drums, percussion, etc.

Aranos has recorded Traditional Irish, East European, gypsy and folk albums and CDs. Recently concentrating on experimental electro acoustic music mostly recorded in his own 24 track recording studio and released in Great Britain and France.

Aranos has written soundtracks to videos and fllms as well as theatre e.g. Spell of the Megamall: a multimedia production with Theatre Omnibus and Disabled People of Clare and Spirit: an experimental electro acoustic tone poem mini opera in collaboration with a renown writer and poet Max Hafler.

In live shows Aranos plays violin and sings with a backing he recorded himself, performing East European gypsy music and song and compositions from his recent CDs.
Aranos collaborates on a regular basis with Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound, David Tibet and Current 93, and has recorded albums with Jon Mueller and Chris Rosenau of Pele/Collections of Colonies of Bees and Crouton and El Monte (Nick Mott of Volcano the Bear).

40.Kitchen Cynics - Life Is Getting Sweeter (Parallel Dog Days,2003)

Now, who is Kitchen Cynics ? Many will agree he's a poetic genius. Musically every song becomes like a coloured miniature. All the guitar fingerpicking steps gently into the story's' tremblings. Surreal musical toy-like accompaniment finishes off the mood. Alan personally found some relative similar empathy with Pearls Before Swine's and Tom Rapp's kind of approach to music. But Alan's music is not from the 70's, but still, the acid folk gentleness of the gems, has survived. He is not afraid to use a rhythm box a few times, subtle and carefully enough mixed, a bit more to the back. The poetic approach is that much more inspiring to me, that each time when I hear a new couple of songs by him, no matter after how much time has elapsed, any writer's block dissolves, and I start to feel inspired to writing again. I consider the Kitchen Cynics as having created a psych folk genre on its own. It's all home-made, but well recorded. For new listeners this can work as the 'Alice in Wonderland' for the private life.Before this release came out I had a dream about a new KC release in the form of a small labyrinth cardboard-game with a tiny ball, with the plate full of pictures. There actually is another -card board- game with funny pictures in the inner side of the sleeve. I feel this similarity as another proof and aspect of how I feel the K.C. stimulate various connections with a parallel (dream-)world of experiences, which you can expect as a poetic picture, a funny shadow, all from another, perhaps cynic side of reality.

40.Troy Lukkarila - My Friends (Don't Sit on Tables,2001)

Troy is awesome! He is a complete and total psychopath and probably for more reasons that are inherently obvious on this album. His lyrics are astonishing at times and sometimes they’re funny and even biting at times.Outside the lines and hard to define like Woody Allen in Zelig, Lukkarila morphs into the material. He is not a pretty singer, but neither was Roger Waters. The arrangements on this album are imaginative, foreign and amazingly acoustic as opposed to samples, patches and electronics. There's a Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill style of composition that comes straight from the 1920's avant-garde scene in Berlin. This album may disturb the shit out of you, but it's so very nice to listen to. And the stories – a nasty encounter with an octogenerian hooker, a necrophiliac's ponderings, pyromania set to a beautiful acoustic guitar with an abrasive downbeat and ghostly vocal wailings. Dangerous stuff. Only for lovers of pure music and art.

My Friends

My friends all want to thank you.
My friends enjoy the food you supply.
My friends have grown immune to the poison.
My friends are watching you to die.
You've taken it all
But it won't be long
You'll be looking for it
But it will be gone.
My friends aren't easy to catch.
My friends are prepared to run.
My friends don't die easily.
My friends outnumber you a million to one a billion to one.
You know we're around
We like your race
We like this town
We'll crawl on your face.
My friends like your little wars.
My friends like all the decay.
My friends know you're only short-timers.
My friends know we're here to stay.
You think we're simple.
You think we're dumb.
But watch us work together
While you're worrying number one.
We're the chosen ones!
We're the chosen ones!
By God!
How does it feel to be all alone without any common goals?
It will be gone... one day.

41.Victoria Williams - Crazy Mary (Loose,1994)

Victoria Williams has a voice that is`nt going to impress everyone.Too quirky,some say trippy,or too shrill.Diagnosed with MS in the early `90s,Victoria found herself in deep in money problems.Some help by her musical friends recorded her songs on a benefit album called Sweet Relief in 1993 which featured artists like Lou Reed,The Jayhawks,Giant Sand,Michelle Shocked,Pearl Jam,etc.
This album from not long after that features some of her past songs and new ones."Century Plant","You R Loved",the jazzy "Harry Went To Heaven",a duet with her husband Mark Olson on "When We Sing Together","Waterfall",and her classic(and problably best song ever)"Crazy Mary".Victoria is not loud enough for indie rock fans and not pop enough or too unusual for the Lilith crowd so she`s in a category by herself.

Crazy Mary

She lived on curve in a road
in old tar paper shack,on the southside of town
on the wrong side of the tracks
sometimes on the wayinto town
we´d say mamma can stop and give her a ride
sometimes we did,but her hands flew from her side
wild eye,crazy Mary

down long dirt road
past the parson´s place
had a old blue car,we used to race
little coutry store
with a sinng tracked to the
said no L.o.i.t.e.r.i.n.g allowed
undernith that sing always congregated
quiet and crowd


take a bottle,drink it down,pass it around 3X

on night thunder cracked,mercy backed outside
her window still dreamed i was flying
high above the trees over the hills
looked into the house of mary
unbracable newpaper covered walls
and Mary risingup above it all...all

this moning on the way into town
i saw some skid mrks and followed
themaroud,over the curve throught
the fields into the house of Mary
that what you fear the most
cold meet you halfway 2x

take a bottle,drinkit down pass it around

Sunday, January 20, 2008

42. Damien Youth - The Wedding Day (Songs From Black Tower,1994)

A mysterious artist who began putting out material on tape in the late 1980s, although some of it started to appear on CD in the late 1990s. His music is haunting, acoustic rock with a sense of British whimsy akin to Robyn Hitchcock or Donovan.Damien Youth is an independent singer/songwriter/musician who works in a number of rock sub-genres. He has been a part of various musical projects including The Cosmic Cult Of Adam Strange, Featherbox, Kyte, Magic Island, Surprise Symphony and Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade. He has also recorded with Peter Daltrey of the classic '60s band Kaleidoscope. The common quality in all of Damien Youth's music is his uncanny understanding of the melodic heart of the song.Damien Youth's songs are like yellowed pictures from another time. But as it's true with old pictures they come alive - contradictingly so - out of the yellowness, colours seep through - clear and imagination invoking, like a DALI painting.

The Wedding Day

In my silent room, I would whisper your name into the shadows, blow out candles and I’d dream of you. In the golden dawn, I would watch her spinning her yarns for May fair , wash her long hair in the golden dawn.
I’ve known you one thousand years, I send you this cup of tears and I was so hurt you didn’t recognize me.

Like the rosary, she had lost all of the faith she had in me, I weep softly.

In my silent gaze, you will see with-in my soul ancient spirits, swirling violent in my silent gaze.

I sing this soliloquy, and I summon you in my sleep, but no reply, I guess you must have just had better things to do...

Light the festival fires, let’s challenge the night, let’s gather in horrorfrain.

Dance in pantomime trance, this age of romance, this gathering doth conjure me.

Tho all good things have gone to waist, I have not gone I still remain, here with-in these fire flames, my ghost shall always haunt this place.

My spirit has known no demise, I only forfeit my disguise and tho you cannot see my eyes, please know I still behold thee.

Drink the festival wine, revel in time but please don’t forget your fate.

You shall mortal uncoil ascend from the soil and you all must leave this place alone.

On my final day, please don’t question if you will ever see me, I will long thee from my lonely grave.

On this wedding day, I’ll submit to thee all my life unfolding, Azrael hold me on this wedding day.

Light a candle for me, stay in your room, shut out the cold cruel world.

Angel just go to sleep and sore into dreams for there I’m awaiting thee, I love you still.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

43.Matt Piucci and Tim Lee Gone Fishin' - Charlie Jones ( Can't Get Lost When You're Goin' Nowhere,1986)

Tim Lee (Windbreakers) together with the imaginative Rain Parade guitarist Matt Piucci publised this folk-rock acoustic album. Called "Gone Fishin' - Can't Get Lost When You're Goin' Nowhere", was recorded in Mississippi in February 1986.
With the collaborations of Bruce Goldon, Randy Everett, George Cartwright, Bobby and Robin Sutliff and Andy Piucci this is an strange album.While the sound quality is good and some of the songs are decent, the album also has its share of less effective tunes, pedestrian solo break sections, and at times joltingly sloppy ensemble playing. Highlights include "Touch the Gold," twith its rasping bluesy singing and spare arrangement featuring twangy slide guitar and clipped organ; "Lift It Up," with its almost shouted vocal, fuzz rock guitar, and chorus-only vintage-garage-band-sounding keyboards and drums; and two acoustic singer-songwriter style numbers, "Take a Left" and "Too Many Eyes," the latter exhibiting an especially yearning, if squarish, melodiousness. R.E.M.'s musical influence on this album is never too far from the surface and is especially noticeable on the ringing guitar track "Charlie Jones", writen by Dan Stuart (Green On Red).

44.Steve Goodman - The Lincoln Park Pirates (Somebody Else's Troubles,1973)

The electrifying energy, accomplished guitar, and great lyrics of Steve Goodman lit up the musical world all too briefly. Cut down at the age of 36 by leukemia, Goodman left a lasting legacy of memorable music, which can be heard from front-porch gatherings to homages by his friend, John Prine. Best known for penning "The City of New Orleans," which Prine called "the best damned train song ever written," Goodman was a consummate performer and singer/songwriter. "Somebody Else's Troubles" Goodman recorded in 1973. It contains some of the musician's best-loved tunes.This one has a guest appearance by Bob Dylan on the title track. Check out a young Jimmy Buffett and a young John Prine on the album cover."The Lincoln Park Pirates" a song about Chicago tow truck drivers….with a chorus of “To Me Weigh Hey Tow ‘em away the Lincoln Park Pirates are we”… is melodic and lyrical favorite with a comical irony and charming beauty.

Lincoln Park Pirates

The streetlamps are on in Chicago tonight,
And lovers a'gazin' at stars;
The stores are all closin', and Daley is dozin',
And the fat man is counting the cars...
And there's more cars than places to put 'em, he says,
But I've got room for them all;
So 'round 'em up boys, 'cause I want some more toys,
In the lot by the grocery store...
To me, way, hey, tow them away,
The Lincoln Park Pirates are we,
>From Wilmette to Gary, there's nothin' so hairy
And we always collect our fee!
So it's way, hey, tow 'em away,
We plunder the streets of your town,
Be it Edsel or Chevy, there's no car too heavy,
And no one can make us shut down.
We break into cars when we gotta,
With hammer and pickaxe and saw;
And they said this garage had no license;
But little care I for the law!
Our drivers are friendly and courteous;
Their good manners you always will get;
'Cause they all are recent graduates
Of the charm school in Joliet.
To me, way, hey, tow them away,
The Lincoln Park Pirates are we,
>From Wilmette to Gary, there's nothin' so hairy
And we always collect our fee!
So it's way, hey, tow 'em away,
We plunder the streets of your town,
Be it Edsel or Chevy, there's no car too heavy,
And no one can make us shut down.
And when all the cars are collected,
And all of their fenders are ruined,
Then I'll tow all the boats in Belmont Harbor
To the Lincoln Park Lagoon;
And when I've collected the ransom,
And sunk all the ones that won't yield;
I'll tow all the planes that are blocking the runways
At Midway, O'Hare, and Meigs Field!
To me, way, hey, tow them away,
The Lincoln Park Pirates are we,
>From Wilmette to Gary, there's nothin' so hairy
And we always collect our fee!
So it's way, hey, tow 'em away,
Now citizens, gather around,
And I think it's enough, let's call his bluff,
Let's throw the bum out of town!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

45.a) Minimal Compact - When I Go (Raging Souls,1985)

Minimal Compact from Tel Aviv, Israel were one of the little-known post-punk acts outside of the usual suspects. Formed in 1981 by vocalist Samy Birnbach, bassist Malka Spigel, and guitarist Berry Sakharof, Minimal Compact incorporated native Middle Eastern sounds into dark European rock, breaking ground that groups such as Blancmange and Savage Republic would eventually cross."Raging Souls" was released in 1985. Produced by Colin Newman, with artwork by Eno/Sylvian collaborator Russell Mills, it has proved their most popular album, with tracks like "My Will", "When I Go" (which was included in Wim Wenders' "Wings Of Desire" movie soundtrack), "The Traitor", "Autumn Leaves" all of which became live favorites. By this time Minimal had become established in Brussels and were at the hub of the local "International Indie Scene" which featured at various times, Tuxedomoon (both individually and collectively), Bel Canto, Colin Newman, Sonoko, Gilles Martin, Benjamin Lew. "Raging Souls" was their best one, their peak of inspiration. In this album you can clearly hear the amazing voice of Malka Spiegel (singer, bass), especially in a LOVELY brilliant (and quiet) song called "When I Go". It seems the album deals with the powerful emotions of the human nature. It's so good that it's painful for being a little bit short work.

When I Go

When I go
It's time for you to see
That I was swallowing my pride
And now I know
It's not enough for me
To be on somebody's side

Can you hear it?
Can you see it?
Can you look me in the eyes?
It doesn't really matter anymore...

Not long ago
You ran away from me
But now I have my way inside
'Cause now I know
It's not alright for me
To close my eyes and life alike

Can you hear it?
Can you see it?
Can you look me in the eyes?
It doesn't really matter anymore...