Sunday, January 20, 2008

42. Damien Youth - The Wedding Day (Songs From Black Tower,1994)

A mysterious artist who began putting out material on tape in the late 1980s, although some of it started to appear on CD in the late 1990s. His music is haunting, acoustic rock with a sense of British whimsy akin to Robyn Hitchcock or Donovan.Damien Youth is an independent singer/songwriter/musician who works in a number of rock sub-genres. He has been a part of various musical projects including The Cosmic Cult Of Adam Strange, Featherbox, Kyte, Magic Island, Surprise Symphony and Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade. He has also recorded with Peter Daltrey of the classic '60s band Kaleidoscope. The common quality in all of Damien Youth's music is his uncanny understanding of the melodic heart of the song.Damien Youth's songs are like yellowed pictures from another time. But as it's true with old pictures they come alive - contradictingly so - out of the yellowness, colours seep through - clear and imagination invoking, like a DALI painting.

The Wedding Day

In my silent room, I would whisper your name into the shadows, blow out candles and I’d dream of you. In the golden dawn, I would watch her spinning her yarns for May fair , wash her long hair in the golden dawn.
I’ve known you one thousand years, I send you this cup of tears and I was so hurt you didn’t recognize me.

Like the rosary, she had lost all of the faith she had in me, I weep softly.

In my silent gaze, you will see with-in my soul ancient spirits, swirling violent in my silent gaze.

I sing this soliloquy, and I summon you in my sleep, but no reply, I guess you must have just had better things to do...

Light the festival fires, let’s challenge the night, let’s gather in horrorfrain.

Dance in pantomime trance, this age of romance, this gathering doth conjure me.

Tho all good things have gone to waist, I have not gone I still remain, here with-in these fire flames, my ghost shall always haunt this place.

My spirit has known no demise, I only forfeit my disguise and tho you cannot see my eyes, please know I still behold thee.

Drink the festival wine, revel in time but please don’t forget your fate.

You shall mortal uncoil ascend from the soil and you all must leave this place alone.

On my final day, please don’t question if you will ever see me, I will long thee from my lonely grave.

On this wedding day, I’ll submit to thee all my life unfolding, Azrael hold me on this wedding day.

Light a candle for me, stay in your room, shut out the cold cruel world.

Angel just go to sleep and sore into dreams for there I’m awaiting thee, I love you still.


lilith said...

Un commentaire en français (désolée)
Merci simplement de m'avoir permi de réécouter cette chanson que je recherche depuis 10 ans.
J'ai pu ainsi découvrir ton blog. Une belle visite,
Plein de belles choses,

lilith said...

Quelques mots en français (désolée)
Merci beaucoup. Cela fait 10 ans que je cherche à réécouter cette chanson.
Un beau moment et une belle visite sur ce blog
Plein de belles choses,

Aleksandar Kojić said...

Thanks Lilith,But said it in english, please!

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