Sunday, February 3, 2008

40.Troy Lukkarila - My Friends (Don't Sit on Tables,2001)

Troy is awesome! He is a complete and total psychopath and probably for more reasons that are inherently obvious on this album. His lyrics are astonishing at times and sometimes they’re funny and even biting at times.Outside the lines and hard to define like Woody Allen in Zelig, Lukkarila morphs into the material. He is not a pretty singer, but neither was Roger Waters. The arrangements on this album are imaginative, foreign and amazingly acoustic as opposed to samples, patches and electronics. There's a Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill style of composition that comes straight from the 1920's avant-garde scene in Berlin. This album may disturb the shit out of you, but it's so very nice to listen to. And the stories – a nasty encounter with an octogenerian hooker, a necrophiliac's ponderings, pyromania set to a beautiful acoustic guitar with an abrasive downbeat and ghostly vocal wailings. Dangerous stuff. Only for lovers of pure music and art.

My Friends

My friends all want to thank you.
My friends enjoy the food you supply.
My friends have grown immune to the poison.
My friends are watching you to die.
You've taken it all
But it won't be long
You'll be looking for it
But it will be gone.
My friends aren't easy to catch.
My friends are prepared to run.
My friends don't die easily.
My friends outnumber you a million to one a billion to one.
You know we're around
We like your race
We like this town
We'll crawl on your face.
My friends like your little wars.
My friends like all the decay.
My friends know you're only short-timers.
My friends know we're here to stay.
You think we're simple.
You think we're dumb.
But watch us work together
While you're worrying number one.
We're the chosen ones!
We're the chosen ones!
By God!
How does it feel to be all alone without any common goals?
It will be gone... one day.

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