Wednesday, February 20, 2008

32.Nosferatu - Crysania (The Hellhound EP,1991)

The British band Nosferatu formed in the late '80s by guitarist Damien DeVille, the group debuted on vinyl in 1990 on a compilation with a track called "Bloodlust." In 1991, they recorded an EP titled The Hellhound featuring vocalist Louis De Wray and bassist Vlad Janicek. At the end of 1992, Cleopatra sent the Sex Gang Children's Dave Roberts to try and sway the band to release a compilation of their singles on the label. Instead, they agreed to release Nosferatu's new album, 1993's full-length debut Rise, after which Niall Murphy replaced De Wray in time for their Halloween shows. 1994 saw the release of Legend, a collection of early recordings.On "The Hellhound" EP, the songwriting is perfect, and the vocals are hauntingly beautiful, best witnessed in the most emotional track "Crysania".


In the cruel wind
In what happened in here
In the darkness
She thought she knew the world
In my cell on my floor It broke her apart And we pushed it
inside Till she fell
In the sound of submission Of little decisions And some futile
search For solution

And I still see tomorrow
And I still understand
Why I chose to believe
But you're so far away

Crysania believe in me

Don't you see how it works
The men kill their children So they never grow old
And I still have the strength To reach out for you But you're
wrong again.
And I still have the strength To reach out for you But you're
wrong again

Crysania believe in me

And I still believe to my heart
In your love of the dark your life
And your need for my blood
We can never return to the child in your picture
But still it's believing In something of yours

Crysania believe in me

I see stars I see angels I see living on earth And falling

Crysania believe in me

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