Friday, November 6, 2009

Damien Youth - Damiana (Candleroom,1995)

She came walking through the meadow with a lantern in her hand and she peered over the hedge-rows searching for her man.

She said, "His name is John B. Wylder and he left three days ago, I awoke one Sunday morning and found myself this note."

It reads: I love you, Damiana, but there’s somewhere I must go, You see the good lord has called me to his gathering of souls.

There will be times when you will miss me, but please don’t call my name ah, for no more shall I answer, for this is my dying day.

Don’t be blue Damiana, don’t be sad sweet Diane, I feel all the pain within you, though you don’t know who I am.

And she weeps over her lover and all the time that’s lost,
She’s still carrying his family name, She’s still carrying his cross.
And she walks back to her cottage, the one that they called home
and she stays up with the light on, because she cannot sleep alone.

And she’s going through his paintings, his poetry and rhymes.
She finds a poem called "Damiana" and she reads it in her mind...
I love you Damiana, and I built for you this home.
Everynight I lay beside you and you’ll never be alone.

And she’s going through her diary, and she reads of better days
and she finds the flower he gave her pressed between the page,

and she turns to find his photo that he slipped into her book
and her heart grows cold and heavy for he was giving her that look.

Please don’t cry Damiana, Please don’t cry sweet Diane,
for I’d take you from your sorrow, but you don’t know who I am.

Late one night out in the meadow, I saw a lantern light
and I knew ‘twas Damiana, still pondering her plight
So I followed from a distance, but the light was growing small
when a shot rang out in horror and I saw that lantern fall

I love you Damiana, I love you sweet Diane,
I would answer to you beckon, but you don’t know who I am

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Anonymous said...

Nice!! dont hear much off of the Candleroom or Festival of Death CD's. havent heard this song in years!!