Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make Up - The Choice (I Want Some,1999)

Indie-punk subversives the Make-Up,the self-proclaimed Gospel Yeh-Yeh kings and queens emerged from the ashes of the seminal Washington, D.C. outfit Nation of Ulysses.
Though it's not really a proper album, the Make-Up's 1999 singles compilation I Want Some is nevertheless their most dynamic, focused, and expressive collection of songs.Rave-ups like "Pow! To the People," "Every Baby Cries the Same," "The Untouchable Sound," and "Free Arthur Lee" showcase the development of the group's kinetic grooves and Svenonius' charismatic vocals, but quieter, introspective songs like "The Choice" and "Little Black Book" prove their versatility. The gritty pop of tracks like "Walking on the Dune" and "Born on the Floor" completes I Want Some's portrait of the Make-Up as one of the underground's most stylish -- and substantial -- bands.

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