Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thin White Rope - Disney Girl (Exploring the Axis,1985)

Thin White Rope - This Davis, CA band made a bigger impact in Europe than in the United States in the eighties. They even became the first American indie band to cross the Iron Curtain and tour the Soviet Union in 1988. Fronted by Guy Kyser, they created a hypnotic sound too surreal for American radio at that time. They were signed to Frontier Records in the mid-eighties and put out four albums before disappearing from the underground circuit. The first three albums were Exploring The Axis in 1985, Moonhead in 1987 and In The Spanish Cave in 1988. Their 1990 album Sack Full of Silver was distributed by RCA Records, but like all their other albums, did not chart in America, not that they ever tried to fit in with the commercial world. With its smooth layered sound, however, several tracks including "Disney Girl" and "Down In The Desert" may someday be regarded as cult classics. Their music is a collection of great buried treasures in rock history. On their debut, Thin White Rope delivers the guitar band sound similar to other bands of the time like Del Lords, Dream Syndicate, Del Fuegos, and True Believers.Album is masterpiece of the paisley underground, an album that sounds like Neil Young & Crazy Horse tackling Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. Guy Kyser's lyrics and vocals range from tortured wails to mordant, deadpan humor, providing the album with just enough variation that it doesn't become deadening.One reviewer declared warbly, dark voice of Guy Kaiser like "the most unique voice in music." "Disney Girl" is my favourite , with weird and sad way to show impossible love :"You are my Disney girl,too many fingers for your world"(All Disney characters have only four fingers).

Thin White Rope - Disney Girl

We both know the moonlight's just blue filters on the daylight
But we don't go south anymore cause backroads echo phantom saws

You are my disney girl, too many fingers for your world

We should go in white, top down, see quiet streets in tiny towns
Love in swamp-cooled Bates motels, your tailfin glasses, scarves as well

You are my disney girl, too many fingers for your world

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