Sunday, December 2, 2007

100 the most emotional songs ever made

-My dear friends, I am starting a project-100 the most emotional songs ever made.
I am going to present art in three forms-through music,poetry and album art.
The selection of songs is individual and completely personal.These are songs that I have listened to throughout my entire life on a radio,records,cassettes-and now I have gathered them all on CDs.These wonderful songs have formed my personality and marked certain periods of my life in different cities,rented apartments,sunny parks and sleepless nights.
While I listen to them,faces of women I have left a long time ago, clubs filled with smoke and friends that moved because of war all appear out of fog.
All these songs have left a scar on my heart and transformed into colours on my palette because I am a painter,and my most intimate pictures are called after them.
Do not be surprised that among these songs there are not any Beach Boys,Radiohead or Springsteen songs.I do not like Billboard top charts, the most important albums,the most sold albums,the most commercial authors.Here it is more about outsiders,bands and musicians that played guiters until their fingers started to bleed,that lived lyrics of their songs and sang as if their lives depended on it...
If you like something,buy albums and help musicians and definitely leave your comments and impressions.
As you can see,all these songs are uploaded on DivShare,which is the only server where files can stay forever.

Have a pleasant journey by taxi to the moon!

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