Sunday, December 2, 2007

100.Grant McLennan - What Went Wrong (Horsebreaker Star,1994.)

A brilliant album by an extraordinary songwriter.
Grant has an instantly likeable personality, endearing voice, experienced outlook (having lived in both the desolate outback and bustling urban environments), and very humanizing way with his guitars.Horsebreaker Star is one of hidden gems of the 90's. Inmaculate sense of melody. Sunshine pop-rock-folk-country.What sadness this sudden dead!.Grant McLennan had a lot say and sing, as it is proved here. The album is aging like wine: very well.And one of the centerpieces,about 8 minutes of beauty "What Went Wrong" (shantylike folkrock with a dark edge about lovers' and society's missteps) is one of my faves in this collection.

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