Monday, December 24, 2007

55.Violent Femmes - See My Ships ( 3, 1988)

My favorite Violent Femmes album.Their sound is slightly different here too as it's more personal sounding, more like a folk sing-a-long with an acoustic guitar,
and the sound and lyrics happen to be the most spiritual, that I've heard from Gordon Gano.In a haunting, country, punk fashion subjects of fear, insecurity, religious zealotry, and despair are explored. "See My Ships" is one of the most chilling and relevant songs ever!

See My Ships

See my ships
they are sailing
in and out of the harbor
will they go together
or must they stay apart
yes I know it's in my heart
surely you see what's inside of me
Jesus is coming soon
I can hear Gabriel
blow his trumpet tune
this I know
this I know
our lord is coming soon
mercy mercy me
Marvin Gaye he was shot
by his father
o my Father
have mercy on me
cold kane o my cheap thrill
o my shame for Cain
and the devil
momma I need water
I'm thirsty
surely you see
what's inside of me

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Anonymous said...

these lyrics are in my head a lot