Monday, December 17, 2007

63.Ataraxia - Oduarpa (Lost Atlantis, 1999)

Ataraxia is a band from Italy, very much enamored with Atlantis and the idea of a magical, mythical, lost land. Light keyboard melodies and programmed drums frame the salient feature of this group. That is, the voice of Francesca Nicolli. Multi-tracked and soaring, she brings to mind arias and plainchants. Classical, acoustic guitars complete a medieval feel are ready for nostalgic narration. The cities of Atlantis, its fauna, and neighbors also figure in to this concept album. The group refers to the work as a "pagan symphony."
I still haven't heard anything like Ataraxia as they're closer to classical than rock, but at the same time they use a lot of synths and sometimes even electric guitars. And Francesca Nicoli's voice is unique, and really defines Ataraxia.


Give me a nest of morbid existence
ancient, green nest of morbid existence
emerald velvet nest
ancient green nest of morbid existence
berry fern nest more blazes in colours
and lashes of indigo blue...
ancient green nest of morbid existence
emerald velvet nest...

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