Monday, December 24, 2007

56.Golden Earring - The Song Is Over (Radar Love / The Song Is Over-single,1973)

Here are 2 of the best tracks ever recorded by a Dutch band. Golden Earring is probably one of the most underrated Rock bands; they can easily compete the best UK and US ones. "Radar Love" is one of the most dreadful track with a solid bass guitar led by a strong drums rhythm. "The Song Is Over" is a wonderful slow song with beautiful acoustic guitar playing, great bass and drums, fantastic, emotional singing and great lyrics with spoken word parts.

The Song Is Over

For you I say I'll praise the sun
Tell the colour of the sky

Find new roads in the universe
Sing a lullaby
More pure than fruit
Grown out of dirt
So close to me
You robbed me of my strangerhood
And flew away to be free

The song is over the song is over now
The singer { is gonna say goodbye} said goodbye
There is doomsday on my mind

Baby baby, sing me one more time
Close to my ear
Mellow tone vibrations come
Sadness disappear
Do it to me once again
Before you say goodbye
Embrace me softly with your smile
And smile a last goodbye

I close my eyes and sail away
The jukebox played your song today
Tomorrow holds me like you're yesterday
I can't forget what you used to say

Open your eyes and live my love
You see it's not me you're dreaming of
Although it seems so important now
Singing makes it all so good somehow

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